If you complete The Chazown Experience honestly, humbly, and prayerfully, God will change your life for the better! You will hear from God. His Spirit will direct you. You will no longer wander around hoping for an accidentally better life. You will be empowered to live life on purpose.

There is no promise that this journey will be easy. It may not be. But if you will open your heart and seek God, you will hear from Him. He will motivate you. He will show you Next Steps. He will empower and equip you to end up somewhere on purpose.


  • You get to set the pace for your online experience - work through the segments one at a time or set aside a day to complete them all at once.
  • Each segment will show you an estimated duration and a level of intensity so you can be adequately prepared before you begin.
  • Reading Craig's book, Chazown, before, during, or after your online Chazown Experience will help reinforce what you learn.


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